"A MUST Have Tool For AS/400-iSeries PC Data Integration"





A breakthrough data integration tool, the KemeTECH ConversionSuite converts data between the AS/400-iSeries and the personal computer(PC) world. In a market dominated by PC data conversion tools, the KemeTECH ConversionSuite offers AS/400-iSeries programmers exactly what they are looking for...AS/400-iSeries control of the data conversion process .


The KemeTECH ConversionSuite provides database level integration between the AS/400-iSeries and PC by providing the AS/400-iSeries with the ability to create and process Excel spreadsheets and Dbase database files.




With the KemeTECH ConversionSuite you can:



   *  Generate a pre-formatted multi-sheet Excel spreadsheet from your company's reports.

   *  Build Dbase .DBF files of company information ready for processing by PC systems.

   *  Create fully functional Excel spreadsheets with formulas.

   *  Easily integrate Excel spreadsheet and Dbase data into your AS/400-iSeries environment.







Web Interface



Now with the explosive growth of the internet the AS/400-iSeries is taking on the additional role as a web-server.  If you are utilizing the AS/400-iSeries as a web server, then the KemeTECH ConversionSuite is uniquely positioned to provide host based control of the PC data generation process.










     AS/400-iSeries Control - Execute conversions in a batch or interactive environment under AS/400-iSeries control.  No user intervention required.

     Time Saver - Eliminates intermediate translation steps by transferring directly from the native PC format to the AS/400-iSeries DB2/400 database.  Handles Excel & Dbase date and time formats.

     Cost Saver - Eliminates need for PC software and hardware to perform data conversions and transfers.

     Automatic & Self Documenting - Automatically creates the AS/400-iSeries DB2 file and generates complete documented data description specifications (DDS).

     Easy To Implement - Easy to use command interface makes integration into your existing environment a simple task.  Greatly simplifies conversions to the AS/400-iSeries.







KemeTECH ConversionSuite...the MUST have tool for AS/400-iSeries PC data integration.

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