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"A MUST Have Tool For AS/400-PC Data Integration"


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What's New


August 12, 2015

Version 2.1.1 of the CVTSPLF command has been released with the following updates:

Command renamed to CVTSPLFXLS


Support for 256 columns of report data(columns A to IV in Excel)


The PC File and Stream File parameters have been combined into one field(Stream File).


CENTURY Parameter

Specifies a two digit value that two(2) digit years greater than or equal to this value will be preceded with "19" to indicate the 20th century.  Two (2) digit years less than this value will be preceded with "20" to indicate the 21st century.



Specifies if the report headings will be parsed based on the COLINFO FROM and TO positions or if the report headings will remain one continuous string of characters.



April 29, 2008

Version 2.6.20 of the CVTXLSDBF command has been released with the following updates:

Reads Excel 97-2003 file format.

Converts Excel 97-2003 file format to iSeries database file.


Converts string time values.

Time values stored as string data(‘9:00pm’) are converted to iSeries numeric values.


Converts 0001-01-01 to correct iSeries date values.



July 30, 2007

Version 2.6.17 of the CVTXLSDBF command has been released with the following updates:

Valid date range changed to 1/1/1900 to 12/31/2233

If incorrect date, command passes 0001-01-01 for Date Type data, for user defined date it passes 0000-00-00.


Supports Greek, Russian and Hebrew

Supports Greek(code pages 875 & 1253), Russian (code pages 1025 & 1251) and Hebrew(code page 424).


Added error message CVT0056 - Error during TOFILE creation, check DDS and pr

evious error messages.                                                    

When errors are encountered during the creation of the iSeries database file. You will receive the above error message instructing you to check the DDS(if created) and any previously listed error messages to determine what caused the file creation to fail.


Added error message CVT0088 - Field name must be entered in COLINFO parameter if FLDROW(*NO)

When the FLDROW(Fields in first row?) parameter is *NO, you must enter the field name as a sub-parameter of the COLINFO(Column Information) parameter.


Checks for duplicate field names

Command now checks for duplicate field names and attempts to create unique field names.


Decimal number conversion

Some numeric values less than one are converted correctly.


December 12, 2005

Version 2.6.10 of the CVTXLSDBF command has been released with the following updates:

CONVERTS FORMULA VALUES TO ALPHA - Correctly converts numeric or character formula values to iSeries alpha fields if "A" specified in COLINFO/DATATYPE sub-parameter.

DOES NOT CONVERT COLUMN HEADINGS FOR DATE, TIME OR TIMESTAMP COLUMNS - Will not convert the column headings for a date, time or timestamp column when the column row is included in the Start-Row(STRROW) and End-Row(ENDROW) range.

ZERO TIME - Was incorrectly adding 1 second to 00:00:00 time values.

MISC - Correctly reads Excel spreadsheets with over 4,000 XF type records and Excel spreadsheets with data in ending sector



April 14, 2005

Version 2.7 of the CVTDBFXLS command has been released with the following updates:

65,536 Rows - Creates new sheets when row exceeds 65,536 rows. Appends "_### " to the sheet name, where ### is a number between 2 and 256.

VERSION Command - Added the VERSION command to display current product version information. This command has no parameters.


Version 2.6 of the CVTXLSDBF command has been released with the following updates:

Multiple Sheet Uploads - Supports the ability to upload individual sheets to individual members and multiple sheets to multiple members. The Sheet parameter has been expanded to support 256 sheets.

Text - The TEXT parameter now accepts keywords representing the To-File, To-Library, To-Member, StreamFile, IFS-Path, Current-Date, Current-Time and Excel sheet name values.

ToMbr - The To-Member parameter has been expanded to support 256 members.

Members - Added ability to add new members to new files.

Range Names - Fixed error when retrieving Excel Range names.

Dual Format - Processes Excel files saved in dual format.

Code Page 870 - Supports code page 870(Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian)

Numeric Label Cells - Processes numeric data stored in label cells.

String Formula Numerics - Processes numeric data stored in String Formula cells

Packed Fields - Creates packed fields for 1 or 2 byte numeric fields.

Default Timestamp - Creates default timestamp(0001-01-01- for empty timestamp designated fields.

ColInfo - Number of COLINFO elements overrides ENDCOL parameter.

Rounding Error - Fixed rounding error for negative values.

XF Support - Expanded XF support to 1024 elements.

Status/Error Messages - Added the following status/error messages:

1.     ###,### records transferred from ### members

2.     Error during file creation, check DDS

3.     Duplicate field name

Latest Versions

  1. Insure that the most recent release of our software is compatible with your OS/400 release.  You can display your OS/400 release level by executing the following command:

    If you require an earlier version see the Earlier Versions box below
  2. Download the zip file to a directory on your PC.
  3. Unzip the zip file.  The zip file contains the product, reference manual & update summary(both in PDF format) and instructions for installing the update to your AS/400-iSeries.

* The product reference manual and update summary are included in the zip file and are listed here for you to preview them.



Earliest OS/400

ZIP File

Reference Manual

Update Summary

CVTDBF(Convert Database File)


V5r2m0 (1.98MB)

csuite.pdf (656kb)

cvtdbfusv2r7m21.pdf (32.2kb)

CVTSPLF(Convert Spooled File)


V5r2m0 (728kb)

cvtsplf.pdf (505kb)

cvtsplfusv2r1m1.pdf (41kb)

CVTSTMF(Convert Stream File)


V5r2m0 (1.38MB)

cvtstmf.pdf (710kb)

cvtstmfusv2r6m20.pdf (31.2kb)

Earlier Versions




Earliest OS/400

ZIP File

Reference Manual

Update Summary

CVTDBF(Convert Database File)

v2r5m09(Last CVTLIB library update)

v3r2m0 (size)

cvtdbf.pdf (size)

csuitehus.pdf (size)